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Pics! Pics! Pics!

Hi it's me again! I have A LOT of pics of Mike Sinterniklaas AND Dean Venture, being he's my favorite character on my most fav show ever (if you've been to my lj, you'd know that heh)...but I'm only gonna share a few at a time, k? :D

This is a story board from the Christmas episode, "A Very Venture Christmas", signed by Doug Lovelace who does character design for the show, and Jackson Publick who is one of the creators of the show, and does voices for many of the characters as well. I snagged this particilar one cuz it was of Dean, yelling into the phone "What does that even mean?! THE CAMELS POO TOYS?! Hello?! HELLO?!" I loved that part lol. I'm going to take my story board with me on my trip to Anime Vegas, and ask Mike if he'll sign it as well! :D

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Here's some Dean fan art I did, like it? I draw Dean all the if you want any Venture fan art, lemme know and I'd be happy to draw ya something! I have to admit though, I like drawing Dean best heh

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I adore this pic of Mike, not just cuz he looks cute in a beanie, but HE'S WEARING A VENTURE BROS HOODIE!!! How AWESOME is that?! Represent bud, represent! This pic was on the adult swim website at some point, good thing I saved it though cuz I don't see it there anymore.

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Now I have lots of other pics, and I'll post a few more ever now and then, but I wanted to ask about this to be sure if it was ok or not. I have some fan art my friend drew for me...not cuz I asked her to, more to pick on me but thats ok heh. Anyway, it's of me and Mike and it's kinda nakedness...just...groaping under clothing. Is it ok if I post it next time? I'd love to share it, I think it's great heh, especially the look on Mike's face of kinda "Oh my god help me!" lol. Let me know!
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omg.... YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! i wish i could get my dad to give up teh creditcard more, i'm soooo jealous of your storyboard... hehehe BUT THAT IS SO COOl!! when yuo go to vegas tr to get a pic of him singing it for you! your art is awesome it looks just like dean. <3

i ttly think you should post the pic your freind made for you, i bet it kicks ass!