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08:20am 21/12/2005
mood: geeky
Hello three people! *waves* I figured if anyone cared about some Flesh for the Beast icons it'd be you guys, and since these did happen b/c of a random conversation between me and ebonystarfire I figured why not post them here!

So some Flesh for the Beast icons, and um... let's see... they're geeky, bloody, I'd say PG-13 and okay, maybe a little fangirly. ^^

IconsCollapse )

My Flesh for the Beast stills (which are only Mike because I had no other reason to even watch that movie) are here. And I've also uploaded some of Mike's audio from the movie in a zip file on yousendit if anyone wants that. XD

So I'm a geek, so what?
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I'm back!! 
05:23pm 31/10/2005
  Yep, I'm back from Vegas, and it was awesome! Please see my most recient lj post for a detailed decription of how it was....and me meeting Mike lol. I think I over dosed on him XD But it was so awesome! I don't have any pics yet, cuz my camera was a bitch and wouldn't work once again, but my friend Brin took pics of us together for me, I just have to wait for her to send them to me and then I'll share them...I do have the things he signed for me though, but I'm really tired so I'll scan them later. I hope you enjoy reading my Vegas review as much as I enjoyed experiencing it! It was heaven! :D  
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More pics! 
01:55am 26/10/2005
mood: excited
I thought I'd share some more pics before I left! I leave for Vegas on Thursday...and as soon as I get back I'll defiantely share the pics I took while there! :D

Naughty fan art!Collapse )

My first Mike sighting!! :DCollapse )
My Mike sigCollapse )
Read more...Collapse )

Well, that's all I'm gonna give you for now...sorry if I overloaded you hehe. I'll have alot of pics when I get back from seeing Mike in Vegas this weekend! :D See ya when I get back!
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Pics! Pics! Pics! 
11:46pm 14/10/2005
mood: contemplative
Hi it's me again! I have A LOT of pics of Mike Sinterniklaas AND Dean Venture, being he's my favorite character on my most fav show ever (if you've been to my lj, you'd know that heh)...but I'm only gonna share a few at a time, k? :D

A storyboard!Collapse )

Dean Fan Art!Collapse )

And of course, we've gotta have some Mike!Collapse )

Now I have lots of other pics, and I'll post a few more ever now and then, but I wanted to ask about this to be sure if it was ok or not. I have some fan art my friend drew for me...not cuz I asked her to, more to pick on me but thats ok heh. Anyway, it's of me and Mike and it's kinda naughty...no nakedness...just...groaping under clothing. Is it ok if I post it next time? I'd love to share it, I think it's great heh, especially the look on Mike's face of kinda "Oh my god help me!" lol. Let me know!
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02:27am 04/10/2005
mood: excited
Wow, ya know, I was gonna make a community, but then I was all like, well...no one would be in it but me so...and I didn't. But I can see I was wrong!

Mike rocks my socks, ever since first hearing him in The Venture Bros, which is my fav toon ever (which you would see if you saw my lj layout, mood thing, all my icons, all the banners in my info...and all the fan art I've done lol)...and Dean happens to be my fav character ever. :D

I met Mike for the first time this past Feb. at Katsucon in VA at his panel...he adored my Venture Bros tshirt, let me help answer Venture Bros realted questions, and even let me do "Go Team Venture!" with him! Then later I showed him a collage my friend helped me put together of Dean, and he got so giddy over the fact that someone loved Dean so much, signed it for me, then took a pic of me! "Let me get a picutre of you in your shirt holding this up so I can show the guys at Astro Base!" he said. :D Astro Base is where they produce The Venture Bros cartoon btw.

I went to Anime Next in New Jersey to meet him again, but he had to cancel at the last minute, so I didn't get to meet him that time around. BUT! I've been invited to Anime Vegas, to meet him there at the end of October! :D

I absolutely adore Mike as Dean, and also love him as Leo in TMNT and Leo In FMA (he has alot of characters named Leo, huh? heh)...and I even bought Flesh for the Beast just to see him in it! Seriously, just to see him...cuz it really wasn't that great of a movie...in my opinion anyway lol.

So anyway, that's my intro on me and Mike...now about just me heh...my nickname is Crittle, I'm 20, and I live in Md. I really love cartoons, and I'm hoping to get into cartoon production, either storyboard drawing, character design, editing, or even voice acting...anything really heh. I hope my intro entry wasn't too long, or seemed brag-like or anything, it's just I love Mike and I'm so happy to find someone else that does also! I have lots of pics, ask if you want me to share them! :D

Newbie here! 
11:43pm 02/10/2005
  Well, I seem to be the only one here besides the maintaner, but I'm a huge 4Kids voice actor fan, and Mike is no exception! :D

~*Matty the Great*~
01:36am 02/10/2005
  Hello! Welcome to THE FIRST and THE BEST Mike SINterniklaas comm on LJ. please post ANY art, stories, anything about mike! i drew this pic of me and mike ^___^

mike n meesh