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Wow, ya know, I was gonna make a community, but then I was all like, one would be in it but me so...and I didn't. But I can see I was wrong!

Mike rocks my socks, ever since first hearing him in The Venture Bros, which is my fav toon ever (which you would see if you saw my lj layout, mood thing, all my icons, all the banners in my info...and all the fan art I've done lol)...and Dean happens to be my fav character ever. :D

I met Mike for the first time this past Feb. at Katsucon in VA at his panel...he adored my Venture Bros tshirt, let me help answer Venture Bros realted questions, and even let me do "Go Team Venture!" with him! Then later I showed him a collage my friend helped me put together of Dean, and he got so giddy over the fact that someone loved Dean so much, signed it for me, then took a pic of me! "Let me get a picutre of you in your shirt holding this up so I can show the guys at Astro Base!" he said. :D Astro Base is where they produce The Venture Bros cartoon btw.

I went to Anime Next in New Jersey to meet him again, but he had to cancel at the last minute, so I didn't get to meet him that time around. BUT! I've been invited to Anime Vegas, to meet him there at the end of October! :D

I absolutely adore Mike as Dean, and also love him as Leo in TMNT and Leo In FMA (he has alot of characters named Leo, huh? heh)...and I even bought Flesh for the Beast just to see him in it! Seriously, just to see him...cuz it really wasn't that great of a my opinion anyway lol.

So anyway, that's my intro on me and about just me nickname is Crittle, I'm 20, and I live in Md. I really love cartoons, and I'm hoping to get into cartoon production, either storyboard drawing, character design, editing, or even voice acting...anything really heh. I hope my intro entry wasn't too long, or seemed brag-like or anything, it's just I love Mike and I'm so happy to find someone else that does also! I have lots of pics, ask if you want me to share them! :D

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