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More pics!

I thought I'd share some more pics before I left! I leave for Vegas on Thursday...and as soon as I get back I'll defiantely share the pics I took while there! :D

Here's the fan art by my friend Vee...that's Triana and HELPeR from Venture Bros in the left top corner, and the others are supposed to be me and Mike. The story behind them is...the skirt one, I was talking to Jackson Publick and somehow the subject of guys wearing skirts came up and he mentioned "Oddly enough, I have seen Mike in a skirt" and I was completely blown away....therefore my friend had to draw that one. And the first time I met him he was wearing an original Nintendo controler belt she took advantage of that and drew dirty things of that too lol.

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This pic isn't very clear, but it's of the first time I met Mike! I didn't get any pics of him cuz my camera was broken, but I randomly found this on the internet and was like omg it's him wearing that awesome bright orange shirt and....look there's me and my friends in the pic!!! XD So I circled us in paint and sent it to all my friends lol. I'm the one with the blonde stripes in my hair hehe. It was the best moment in my life!

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My friend who made the fan art for me, created this collage for me too...and Mike was amazed by it! I guess he'd never seen such a big Dean fan before hehe...seriously, he was like Oh my GOD! everywhere lol...and he signed it for me...if you can't read it it says "If it were not for Triana I'd make you mine. -Dean V. Mike Sinterniklaas" I was like awwwwwww. lol.

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This is the first Dean fan art I ever did...I've gotten alot better at him I think hehe

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Well, that's all I'm gonna give you for now...sorry if I overloaded you hehe. I'll have alot of pics when I get back from seeing Mike in Vegas this weekend! :D See ya when I get back!
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